1st Place Wayne Jenski University of Arizona
2nd Place Manuela Koelke University of Illinois at Chicago
3rd Place Kazuko Anne Kimura California College of the Arts
Citation Jerry Sabitini University of Cincinnati
Merit Geoffrey Samuel Elander University of Illinois at Chicago
Merit Justine Massonnier University of Illinois at Chicago
Merit Matan Mayer University of Arizona
Merit Jessica Mondo University of Illinois at Chicago

Smart Materials:
Wearable Architecture

Jennifer Siegal, Author

As post-utopian architects and futurists who have inherited these fashions, this competition challenges you to blur the boundaries between architecture and clothing. The project "Smart Materials: Wearable Architecture" poses the question of how does the architect mediate within the collision of smart materials and the design of architecture? Is architecture a multi-disciplinary profession that incorporates multiple trades; fashion, structure, product, graphic and computation?

This project requires you to design a wearable architecture that is self-sufficient, inhabitable by a single individual or used to create larger environments when colonized. The design should be of a system that moves and can move with you. The program asks you to define the habitat, using your body as the tool for inspiration and form generation. The Smart Materials, listed below, are to be used as your material palette for designing. While you are not limited to only using the listed Smart Materials, you must at least employ one of the ten.

Participating Schools:

The Boston Architectural Center

California College of the Arts

Cooper Union

Rhode Island School of Design

Southern California Institute of Architecture

University of Arizona

University of Cincinnati

University of Illinois at Chicago

University of Minnesota