2018 Competition

City of Guelph Market Hall

The city of Guelph, Ontario has a history of being oriented around food. The first plans of the city were drawn with prominent consideration given to the location of the market hall which was intended to help attract farmers to the surrounding area. Over time the market hall has moved locations but has remained within the same block of its original home. Today the market resides in what used to be the horse stables for the Provincial Winter Fair, where it has remained since the 1920’s. While the market hall is active and relatively successful it is limited in size and scope by its current location. A new market hall with improved pedestrian access and an expanded program will help to densify and activate downtown Guelph.

The site for the new market hall will be in the same location as the current Guelph farmer’s market, but expanded to include the entire block currently shared with the Armory building. Today the Armory is home to the 11th Field Regiment of the Canadian Artillery, and also has a large assembly hall which is commonly used for local festivals and events. The assembly hall could be used as a shared amenity for both buildings or remain separate. Therefore the buildings should either operate separately or with some shared connection.